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Boys Haircuts

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Boys Haircuts

The young male population affectionately referred to as “boys” are not much different than the rest of us when it comes to getting their hair cut.  At first glance, you might think, let’s just cut the stuff off and be done with it.  But the truth is that boys today are very much tuned in to how they look with regard to their hair appearance.  Boys haircuts should reflect a natural extension of the person below the hair while trying to accommodate the person’s  active lifestyle.  Additionally,  boys haircuts have to take into account the fact that long hair doesn’t work well on the ball field if that is their “thing”.

Boys Haircuts

On the other hand, boys haircuts can also be very cute on the longer side, especially if their hair is very straight.  This longer style doesn’t work well with sports but then again, not all boys are so inclined to pursue this activity.

Next on the agenda is the comb over or comb down.  This medium length style is not as popular as it once was because of the stodgy old nature of it.  It would be common to see such a style in a prep school where a young man would have a part on one side of their head with the remainder of their hair combed over to the other side.

Another great choice is the buzz cut or the crew cut.   Very short styles such as these are always in fashion and so easy to maintain.  These mainstays of boys haircuts were much more commonplace in years gone by but seems to be making a resurgence today.

Boys Haircuts

If your child has naturally curly hair,  a medium length cut would be best suited for making the curls stand out.  In addition to being easy to maintain, short to medium curly hair has never been accused of not being in place.  It has to be messy to look good and so it goes hand in hand that unruly is the order of the day.

Ultimately, one needs to consider the shape of the face being framed by the haircut.  Every  boys haircut needs to showcase the individual while keeping maintenance in mind.  If the style requires a good deal of maintenance the way a  girl’s hairstyle often does, than you can be almost certain that your young man will not want to deal with the hassle.  Simple to maintain is a common denominator in many boys haircuts for young men on the go.

All of this boils down to just “fitting in”.  No boy would go out of their way to not fit in and so it goes with their hair cut.  Boys haircuts have become as much of the persona of the individual as their clothing or their jewelry or any of their other possessions that defines them.

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